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This brand-new interpretation has been co-created with the local community. Rather than Pinocchio wanting to be a real boy and  conform  – it’s actually about him learning that it’s ok to be who he is.

The Stepping Stones Pinocchio Project
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SAVVY has been working with local groups Mind, the Southleigh (InMind) Community Centre, our weekly Take Part groups (including Crisis Averted), and local schools to develop work based on the themes of journey and transformation (using the original Pinocchio story as source material & inspiration). The process will culminate in a shared event at Fairfield Halls, where this richly diverse and inclusive community will present a shared re-telling of this classic tale.

6pm, Sunday 17th December 2023

The Concert Hall, Fairfield Halls


Utilising our well-defined method of engagement, the ultimate aim of this project is to build a bridge for those in the community who have limited experience of (or access to) culture – providing the Stepping Stones from the community to SAVVY, from SAVVY to Fairfield Halls, from Fairfield Halls to the wider cultural offering in Croydon and then beyond.

Supported by Croydon Council & Arts Council England, this is a flagship programme for London Borough of Culture.

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Welcome to the Theatre

Click the  image  to download our Welcome to the Theatre Social Story.

Pre-show tours are available on request.

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