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This is SAVVY

Welcome to SAVVY
Centre Stage

SAVVY Theatre is an award-winning company, creating ambitious inclusive  productions and  theatre  experiences that bring different groups of people together

As an inclusive theatre company, it is important that we provide a range of opportunities for  everyone  to Take Part, whether it's performing in one of our ongoing weekly groups, as an artist working or training with us, a participant or partner in one of our special projects, or as audience coming to experience our shows.  


​The company was founded in 2007 by the current Artistic Director, who wanted to challenge audience and cultural perceptions of participatory theatre. Going to the theatre shouldn't be a chore.  
It shouldn't be something you are forced to do because you happen to know someone in the cast.
It should be invigorating, memorable, exciting, challenging, uplifting and fun.
It should make you want to come back.


We are committed to developing innovative, ensemble-based theatre shows, special projects and artist training programmes, that build the bridge to engagement and provide  access  to  quality  work.  


SAVVY is a place where everyone is welcomed and involved and trained.

youth community theatre croydon

SAVVY Theatre's  vision  is to use the  power of theatre  and shared creation to deepen understanding and empathy towards others, and as a force to  steer change  and develop  inclusive  communities.

Artist & Company Collaborations

SAVVY has a long history of working with amazing people. Here's just some of the artists and companies we have worked, trained and collaborated with recently.

Story Museum, Oxford

Hijinx Theatre, Cardiff

Face Front Theatre 

Output Arts

International Inclusive Arts Network

Theatre Centre

Frantic Assembly

International Youth Arts Festival, Kingston

Roman Stefanski, Puppeteer & Associate at Polka Theatre

Chichester Festival Youth Theatre

Dan Ward, playwright The Canary & the Crow

Tim Kelly, animator & lighting designer

Russell Dean, Strangeface Theatre

Rc-Annie, Fight Directors

The Marlowe Theatre, Canterbury

Recent Shows & Special Projects

From dystopian steampunk pantomimes, to promenade performances of Shakespeare and boat trips up the River Thames, SAVVY has a rich history of creating ambitious and unique theatre productions. Click the  images  below for more detail on our recent shows and special projects.

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