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Health Wellbeing

At SAVVY we are all about welcoming people from different walks of life, letting them share their stories and  connect  with others which helps build inner strength and healing.


SAVVY is more than a theatre company. We recognise that it takes courage to walk in the door and try something new.  That there are often barriers to access that need to be addressed, including physical, financial, psycological or social. 


We pride ourselves on creating a safe and inclusive space where people can truly be themselves. Our person-centred approach is about listening and understanding, utilising the language of theatre to create joyous and magical experiences where everyone involved can realise their potential and succeed.


And it goes beyond those directly taking part in our shows. We work closely with our wider network of essential support workers, residential homes, parents, carers, partner organisations, schools, family members, and even our audience, ensuring everyone is able to experience the joy and transformative power of the work we do.

Inez Claus, Key Worker 

“You were all fantastic!!!! I was in awe, it was all run so well. I was impressed at how the different groups worked so well together. Four of the cast members were clients of mine and I have been part of their journey for many years, which was quite emotional. This was a prime example that there is always a road to recovery. The way they walked onto the stage, head up high, straight back, compared to the frightened clients of 2 years ago”. 

Other Links & 


Call free on: 0800 1111


Helpline: 116 123

Family Lives:

Family Lives provides targeted early intervention and crisis support to families.


Resources for parents & children on a variety of issues including online safety. 


Supports LGBTQ people aged 16-25 who are homeless or living in a hostile environment.


Crisis Skylight, Croydon


Shelter Housing Advice


Hub of Hope:

Mental Health Support Network


Supporting women & children.

Against domestic violence.​

The 24-hour National Domestic Abuse Helpline:  0808 2000 247


BBC Action Line:

Other Links & Support
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