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Youth Theatre in Croydon

Youth theatre is at the heart of what we do at SAVVY. The company was founded as an after-school drama group for teenagers who wanted to focus on drama skills and developing theatre shows. And wow! We have certainly done that over the years. The drama performances and variety of theatre shows we have made with all those who have attended our youth theatre over the years has been incredible.

Brillig & The River World

An exceptional 25 minute original piece of physical theatre and puppetry, performed as part of the Surrey Youth Drama Festival.

Hospital Food, for the National Theatre’s Connections Festival of Youth Theatre, performed in a 360 Cinema Room with bespoke films created by another local youth group. (In fact, we spent 6 years taking part in this festival and recently enjoyed visiting another production written for the festival – The Grandfathers).

Alice’s Mad Boat Party

A three-hour extravaganza on the River Thames as part of the International Youth Arts Festival.

As You Like It, but Not As You Know It

A unique interpretation of Shakespeare’s play that focused on the themes of immigration and ongoing war.

The list of shows developed by our youth group goes on and on and each one had a lasting impact on both the members of our Young Company and the audiences who came and watched.

And it’s still going. At our new home in Fairfield Halls we run so many classes for so many people, but our regular Thursday after-school drama club for teenagers is still at the heart of our week.

Many of our past members have gone on to drama school’s such as RADA and Central and Arts Ed and Guildford. Many more have successful careers as professional actors, touring both the UK and internationally. I’ve been lucky enough to see past members perform in a variety of shows in London and was recently delighted to see a former SAVVY member onstage at The National in their production of Peter Gynt.

But attending SAVVY Theatre’s drama group isn’t just about becoming a professional actor. It’s about so much more.

“I’m able to be myself or take on the roles of others thanks to theatre.”

“I come to SAVVY because I love the feeling of freedom and inclusion.”

“Because I have nothing else to do with my life except kick a ball.”

“You guys were fantastic today. I never felt so happy and excited about this. I've never done drama club before, but this is my second time of being at this club. Thank you all for including me into SAVVY.”

We don’t audition at SAVVY – this is important. We don’t audition at SAVVY. Inclusion is at the heart of what we do, and we recognise that not every young person, who is interested in drama, has the confidence or experience to audition for a role.

At SAVVY we believe everyone has the right to take part in drama and storytelling and socialising and skill-building and performing – in whatever way they feel comfortable.

We work hard to include everyone, to ensure every young person is valued and listened to and developed. We create memorable theatre shows and create work as an ensemble drama group.

And now we also have a YounGrrr drama group! Every Saturday morning for 8 – 11 year olds.

I am so privileged to have been able to work with such an amazing alumni of young people over the years.

Sheree Vickers, Artistic Director

SAVVY Theatre Company

4.30pm – 7pm every Thursday

10am – 11.30am every Saturday

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