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Working Together

Working with the YounGrrr company really showed me what it means to embrace theatre-making. We had a small group, but they were eager to take on the challenge of a western play, written by a Take-2 member (another one of SAVVY's groups, showing just how inclusive this theatre company is)!


The young actors were up with incredible ideas and visions for the show, that sometimes trying to reign them in was a task even the best cowboy would have struggled with, but what we got out of it was a group of young people that were there for each other and worked together to produce a fun show, full of laughs, American accents and the occasional horse!

Through building the company together, the young members where able to help each other out of tricky situations on stage and have fun whilst they performed. The support of everyone at SAVVY from the Artistic Director to the volunteers really allowed us to flourish as a group and I am very thankful for the opportunity.

  • Nathan Allen, Workshop Leader

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