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Centre Stage
Centre Stage

Centre Stage

Centre Stage is a Theatre Creation programme working with d/Deaf and disabled artists and is open to  SAVVY  members and the wider community.


It provides mentorship for people unable to access more mainstream training courses, artist development or new writing programmes. We want to ensure that we both honour the artists vision of those who take part and support them in their understanding of theatre convention and creative expression.

The main aims of the programme are to:  

  • develop the artistic and storytelling voices of people who identify as d/Deaf and disabled, 

  • provide a platform to explore experiences,

  • develop stories, increase skills and an understanding of theatrical conventions,

  • showcase work-in-progress via scratch nights or rehearsed readings, with the potential of developing pieces into a more fully realised production.

Our current Centre Stage Artists

We are currently working with two local playwrights, whose work will be showcased as part of the London Borough of Culture 2023 programme.


By Jordan Adams

Long-forgotten secrets and a discovery in the loft leads a daughter to confront her father on the real story of her mothers disappearance.

Image Credit: Peter Herrmann via Unsplash

Meet Jordan

Jordan is a long-standing member of our Take-2 drama group.  He has taken part in numerous SAVVY productions over the years and has always come up with some of the funniest lines!  We are thoroughly enjoying working with Jordan on this dramatic character-driven piece.

Peter_Herrmann via Unsplash.jpg
Taylor_Brandon2 via Unsplash.jpg


By Jack Harman

Meet Jenny & Sally, the Raingirl sisters who have answered the call to deal with the Hole-in-the-Boot gang, a band of nasty men who have been working their way across the wild-west, terrorising small towns. Can their gun-slinging skills really deal with the problem, or will they have to draw on other talents to defeat the gang once and for all?

Image Credit: Taylor Brandon via Unsplash

Meet Jack

Jack loves writing, and has complex backstories for all of his characters. He has been involved in many SAVVY shows including panto, re-imagined Grimms fairytales and Shakespeare. This is the first opportunity Jack has had to develop a story of his own into a piece of theatre.

Want to apply?

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Applications for our Centre Stage programme are currently closed, but keep an eye on our website and social media for details on the next round of applications. 

We will also be hosting  masterclasses  and taster events throughout 2023 specifically for D/deaf and disabled artists as part of Lonondon Borough of Culture. 

Keep an eye on our social media pages for more information.

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