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Welcome to Giant Inc.

Let me introduce you to SAVVY.

We are a bold and innovative theatre company based at Fairfield Halls in Croydon.

We create ambitious theatre productions with a broad cross-section of the community, including young people considered at-risk, adults with a physical and/or learning disability, people with experience of homelessness and everyone in-between.

We have been working hard during lockdown to maintain connections with our diverse membership and have continued to work with partners like Mencap and Crisis to provide pastoral care, mentoring support and a creative outlet for our members - and the results are now taking shape!

Christmas is not cancelled. SAVVY is producing a Socially Distanced Steampunk Panto!

Welcome to Jack & The Beanstalk, where Giant Inc. are polluting the skies above with their industrialised nation and the agricultural land below is suffering under the strain. Our Panto Dame is figuring out how to use the mechanical chicken that supposedly lays golden eggs and Milky White is looking to become an influencer on MooTube.

We still have a few weeks to go on our Crowdfunder Campaign and would love to reach a target of £3000

Your support will help us to create this world – a world that can go beyond our studio at Fairfield Halls, by delivering costume & portable backgrounds to our members self-isolating in their own homes, allowing them to film scenes in character and take part in the production remotely.

So... please help us to continue working with our members in staying creative and connected; and support us in producing accessible theatre.


“Savvy Theatre Company inspires many. Your productions are so creative and so inclusive. Carry on your excellent work!”

“Savvy are brilliant for our venue and a pleasure to have them as part of the [Fairfield] halls.”

“Good luck with this project. I love the fact you will not be stopped doing what you love just because of social distancing rules.”

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