The Snow Queen

Updated: Aug 11, 2019

We’d been looking forward to it for days, and everything about the evening lived up to our expectations and much much more! Arriving at the Secombe Theatre in the centre of Sutton in Surrey, the foyer was heaving with happiness, because the extremely talented local pianist/singer, John Walker, was treating us all to a very upbeat medley of mostly Elton John songs, which just broke through the cold, winter night and put a smile on everyone’s face. We said hello to a couple of people we knew and then went into the auditorium and took our seats.

I wasn’t familiar with the story of the Snow Queen at all, but I didn’t need to be, because the way the cast brought the story to life was simply superb, a perfectly crafted amalgam of amazing costumes, outstanding sets, breathtaking special effects and a highly talented cast, working together as a very solid team to entertain us all.

The cast is really quite extraordinary, because they were actually two very different theatre groups working together and supporting each other to get the best out of everybody, and the word “best” barely describes the very talented performers we were privileged to watch.

The two groups are both under the Savvy Theatre Company umbrella and taught and directed by Sheree Vickers, but they normally don’t collaborate on events. Action Replay were just fabulous, they are all adult members with Learning Disabilities who are supported by both Sutton and Croydon Mencap. Their co-performers also should be very proud of themselves, all from the Young Company with ages ranging between 13 and 19 year olds.

If you weren’t there, have a quick look at what you missed!

Aaron was both scary and imposing as the Raven, and Kay was an utterly charming Gerda

The cast behind the curtain were mesmerising and conveyed meaning in their stillness

Ed, Laurie and Mickey, with Princess Melissa in a supporting role, epitomised dignified regality

Emmanuel played Kai with real talent & imagination, but it was his dancing that stole the show

The headless man at the back managed to hold his head up all through the show and made everyone laugh

The whole show was beautifully held together by Ami, the Narrator.

Katherine made a lovely Snow Queen

The only real shame was that it was a truly “once in a lifetime” event, with only one public performance. We’ll all just have to wait another year to see what they can bring alive on stage next time.

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