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The SAVVY Young Company

When I first joined SAVVY, I thought I’d just be joining a fun after-school drama club. How wrong I was!

I’ve had the incomparable privilege of being part of what can only be described as a crazy, brilliant and exhilarating drama group with a message that’s so simple but so little heard and profound: everyone is welcome.

No auditions, no prior experience needed, no ifs and buts, just a big, happy family with an open door. I’ve only been here for about a year, but it already feels like home.

SAVVY is an inclusive company whose members are just ordinary people, not ultra-talented prodigies or established actors, just young people wanting to create amazing theatre.  And we do!

SAVVY is an award winning company not just for its grassroots investment but for the quality of its productions – and the one thing that sets our young company apart is our leaders.

Our main director/producer Sheree Vickers is simply stunning. Every new week, she astonishes me with her vast skill set and depth of experience, her knowledge of theatre history and of practically every skill that accompanies her profession. Her excellence is matched only by her passion for the work and dedication to her members.

Alice Rayman, her protégée (and now associate director of the company), has that same magical ability to breathe life into theatre, to leap into a character and make us believe in them with her exceptional acting and directing talent.

Michelle, our production designer, is our fairy godmother when it comes to making props and costumes, turning pumpkins into carriages with a few minutes at the sewing machine while fight & movement guy Lewis’s effervescence puts a smile on all our faces and invigorates the company.

Their combined experience and excellence propels us to achieving what we normally couldn’t, to really making our theatre a work of art.

Joining SAVVY has to be one of the best decisions I’ve made, and one that has given me so much joy.

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