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Causing A Commotion

A group of teenagers are backstage. There is a buzz going round the theatre. Other groups are already talking about us and we’ve only just finished our tech rehearsal. The SAVVY Young Company is once again causing a commotion. The other groups are jealous. I’m hearing snatches of conversation as they discuss what our group is up to and what I (as their director) have done. As usual, everyone wishes they were in our group. Why? Because a large mountain of pizzas have just arrived for our dinner break!

It’s a Saturday in Horsham and the group are coming to the end of (yet another) 6 month journey. It’s the fourth year the SAVVY Young Company has taken part in the National Connections Festival and the group has just showed (once again) how professional they are – focused and quiet backstage, listening to the theatre’s stage management crew as the lights are focused and sound levels are set for their final performance of Evan Placey’s Pronoun – so naturally a pizza dinner is in order!

After they’ve eaten they’ll be joining the other groups on stage for a vocal and physical warm-up. They then have a long wait as we’ve just discovered we’re closing the show – well actually the festival week – but it’s all good as they’ll be able to watch the other groups perform. Nerves are settling in, but the group have a happy glow as they slowly fill-up on pizza. As for the left-overs, it’s been decided that they will be graciously offered by the SAVVY boys to another group (an all-girls school of course) !! – Sheree Vickers, Artistic Director

Mmmm Pizza!!!

– Adam Newbold, SAVVY Young Company member

The cast backstage, about to perform Pronoun for the final time.

The cast backstage, about to perform Pronoun for the final time.

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