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So You Want to Learn ...

Bradley, marketing intern

"I’m absolutely over the moon that I been asked if I would like to assist with the designing & marketing with SAVVY as this is my passion. Assisting with my design expertise, with helping to make stunning marketing material is so fun! And in return, I really appreciate & enjoy SAVVY showing me the behind-the-scenes on how they organise their social media posts, and allowing me to be part of the company in terms of a social media assistant!"

As part of  London Borough of Culture  SAVVY is running a series of training and mentoring programmes for D/deaf and disabled artists in Croydon, keen to develop skills in non-performing aspects of the cultural industries.

So far these have included:

  • marketing and design (with mentoring support from Purple Goat)

  • Front of House training (in collaboration with Fairfield Halls)

  • lighting design (and the creation of bespoke how-to videos & resources)

  • workshop facilitation (working alongside our core creative team)

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Keep an eye on our social media for information on how to  get involved  in our various training schemes.

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