As You Like It


- but NOT as you know it!

Using Shakespeare's original text as inspiration, and exploring the impact of conflict on global migration, the SAVVY Young Company performed a brand-new interpretation of this classic play, adapted and directed by Sheree Vickers.


Say now the king

Should so much come too short of your great trespass

As but to banish you, whither would you go?

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Wandle Showcase


Students from Wandle Valley school who attend additional specialist drama classes performed a short one-act play to an invited audience at the end of the Spring term.   This year's play was an exert of Patrick Marber's "The Musicians" - with additional improvised moments created by the cast.

The Man with the Golden Banana

Spies, disguises, gadgets and sarnies!  When the Sassy Assassins steal a Ruby from under the ‘watchful’… ahem… eye of the Security Guard, so begins a mad-cap mission by MI5 to London Fashion Week - to strut their stuff and stop the bad guys. This is a spy show… SAVVY style! 
With a special opening act by Malookoo Dance Group, the Action Replay and Take-2 Drama Groups joined forces once again to create a show full of laughs, bananas and men in dresses!

The Hedgehog Protest


Our hedgehogs were revolting - again!
This time they took their cause to The Story Museum in Oxford, to protest as part of the annual Alice Day Celebrations, on Saturday, 1st July.  
They also enlisted help.  The White Queen joined their cause as well as the Duchess & her cook!  Children and adults joined their march as they hit the streets and they even encountered the Red Queen in all her glory from Curious Company.

The Woven Stories Workshop


As part of the National Refugee Week, SAVVY worked with SamiArt to provide a morning of finger knitting at the Refugee & Migrant Network, Sutton.  We literally knitted the world together and finished the session with a moving moment of solidarity.  The hope is to develop this into a larger project in the future, knitting the community together.

The Spy Project


Set in London in the early 1960’s, and inspired by the classic spy films and TV shows of the decade, The Spy Project plunged audiences into a secret world of espionage, double-crossing MI6 agents, CIA operatives, German Assassins, Criminal Masterminds and a woman preparing for her first wedding anniversary - all of whom are trying to get their hands on 'IT'.
This was an interactive, secret-theatre experience taking place across Croydon's town centre, combining smartphone technology, live action and the local landscape.

I Am An Artist

Two of our artists took part in an evening, designed to showcase the abilities and talents of performers with disabilities.  Their performance was a load of 'rubbish' - quite literally, as they used their comic ability to battle a large pile of animated rubbish!

Alex In WandleLand

Every year, pupils and staff at Wandle Valley School, devise and perform in their annual pantomime - and this years show proved very popular .... with Mr Hart demanding order for the upcoming OFF-sted, Mr White running late due to a very important date he had last night, Mr Hatter getting in trouble for eating in class and just what is Mr Pillar doing on the table?
This delightfully original re-telling took place on Tuesday, 12th December, with our biggest cast yet!

A Night Of Arabian Tales

In true SAVVY style, our festive night of Arabian Tales took us on a journey to a faraway place, where marketplaces sold an array of produce, from magic carpets to monkey nuts; where the desert sands hid many secrets, and snake charmers rubbed shoulders with shoe sellers.  Aladdin, the Genie (and a pair of Blue Suede Shoes), were also thrown into the mix, with an escapade of magic carpets, chaos and THE KING!  
A fun night was had by all, with Ali Barbara, her band of "not quite" Forty Thieves, a hapless gang of guards, fortune tellers - and an old guy named Roger!
all photos are copyright of Andrew hYLdOn, 2019
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