THE mixed tape season


While our physical theatre space is currently closed, this year, the savvy summer season will be online.


Each week we will give you a theme.  It's then up to YOU to create. 
Do you write, draw, dance, perform?  
How you interpret the theme is completely up to you.
You can:
  • film yourself (or someone else) performing something
  • be interviewed discussing the theme
  • create a character profile (this could be written or you might like to dress up and do a monologue)
  • tell us about an object or a scene that the theme inspires
  • write a play, a story a poem and send us the document to shar
  • take a photo of some artwork you have created or of an object that represents the theme
  • read us a story or a poem or a quote related to the weekly theme that inspires you
  • create a costume or a character 
  • design a prop or a set
  • tell us a story or ...
  • surprise us with something else !
Your submissions will then form part of our online gallery for people to explore and be inspired by.  
If you would like some help with what you are creating you can call or email us and we have even created a sample gallery below to give you some inspiration.


Every Monday at 10am, the theme will be announced on our website and online via our various social media platforms.

All work on that theme needs to be submitted to SAVVY by 10pm on Sunday.


Films should be no longer than 2 - 3 minutes.

Although you will continue to have ownership over your work, however do understand that any written work submitted online does go into the public domain, so anyone will have access to it.

If you would NOT like your work to be published online, but you would still like to submit it, please tell us that you want to keep it PRIVATE.

questions & support

If you would like to talk through your ideas, or need some help in submitting it, do get in touch.

Contact: Alice Rayman, Associate Director 


submit your work

you can submit your work by email by clicking the link below

all photos are copyright of Andrew hYLdOn, 2019
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