THE mixed bean season


While our physical theatre space is temporarily closed due to the COVID-19 crisis, this year, the SAVVY Summer Season will be online.

When developing our new season, we wanted to ensure that we:

  • maintained contact with our members and provided support to access SAVVY’s online sessions

  • continued to provide exciting and energetic weekly workshops, that would facilitate creation in a safe space

  • were able to support member collaboration

  • could transfer the work being developed online, back into the SAVVY studio when lockdown ended 



The Mixed Bean Season has three strands.

  1. Weekly Group Workshops

  2. A Collaboration Corner

  3. Show Development



1. Weekly Group Workshops

Each of our ongoing weekly groups will continue to take place at the same day and time members would usually come to SAVVY.  The difference is that instead of coming to our studio, the workshops will take place online via ZOOM.


2. A Collaboration Corner

Using Google Classroom, this virtual ‘safe space’ is for members from across our various groups to come together, share ideas, collaborate on tasks and support in the development of the show.


3. Show Development

Once lockdown is over (and it will eventually be over), the work will be transferred back to the SAVVY studio where we will continue with rehearsals, and try on costumes, and add lights and set – and audience! 


Each weekly session will take place via ZOOM, at the time your regular SAVVY group would start.


Alice will contact you with a ZOOM link for your group.

It will be the same link every week.


Click the link at the time your SAVVY group would start and join us.



  • Do not share the Zoom link with anyone else.  

  • If you lose the link, contact Alice and she will send it to you again.


Ideally we would like you to access our weekly sessions on a computer. 


ZOOM is a free to download on your computer via:


If you don't have a computer that's fine as you can also download the app free on your phone or tablet.

questions & support

If you would like some help with Zoom, would like talk through some ideas you’ve had from the session, or would like to join other members in the Collaboration Corner, then get in touch.

Contact: Alice Rayman, Associate Director 


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