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the hedgehog protest

An interactive protest to protect the rights of all hedgehogs against croquet-based cruelty!


Our hedgehogs are revolting - again!

It’s been 150 years and they’re STILL being used as balls for the Queen of Hearts infamous croquet matches. 


Spike’s turned to drink, Pork Pie comfort eats, and poor Cherry Blossom is so shell-shocked she can barely talk!  It’s a prickly subject but they won’t take it anymore!  They need YOU however to sign up and join the revolt.  March with them, chant with them – even have a drink with them - but watch out for the Queen of Hearts … she’s on the war path and not happy that they have enlisted the help of the White Queen, the Duchess and her cook!


The Hedgehog Protest is an interactive protest to protect the rights of all hedgehogs against croquet-based cruelty. Performed by an inclusive cast of disabled and non-disabled actors it can be a static presentation or a ‘walkabout’ piece with the actors improvising and interacting with audience.  It is suitable for all ages.


This pop-up protest was originally conceived to support SAVVY Theatre's production of Alice In Wonderland at Honeywood Museum in 2015.  Since then it has taken on a life of its own with appearances on the streets of Oxford for their annual Alice Day Celebrations, at local libraries to promote World Book Day events, on a boat sailing up the Thames and at various local festivals across Surrey.


In 2016 the Hedgehog Protest received a Cultural Award for outstanding contribution to the community.


The Hedgehog protest requires minimal technical support, however for some of the audience participation segments, access to sound equipment is helpful but not essential. 

For static presentations aimed at younger/family audiences we provide a variety of activities to get involved with, including fashion shows, card army training, writing protest letters, demonstrations of croquet matches, and more. 


The cost for booking The Hedgehog Protest is dependent on your event and requirements. 


Please do get in touch with us to discuss your event, and we can then tailor the experience to both your occasion and budget. 

Contact: Alice Rayman, Associate Director