hedgehog protest

An interactive protest to protect the rights of all hedgehogs against croquet-based cruelty!


The Hedgehogs aren’t happy!


It’s been 150 years and they’re STILL being used as balls for the Queen of Hearts infamous croquet matches.


Spike’s turned to drink, Pork Pie comfort eats, Mr Itch has attended so many meetings that even his monocle’s gone grey and poor Cherry Blossom is so shell-shocked she can barely talk!  It’s a prickly subject but they won’t take it anymore!  


They need YOU, however, to sign up and join the revolt.  March with them, chant with them – even have a drink with them (although Spike’s on his third AA meeting and is making progress … so maybe not with him)! 


But watch out for the Queen’s cook … she’ll boil up anything she can get her hands on, and these poor hedgehogs have suffered enough!

This pop-up protest was originally conceived to support SAVVY Theatre's "Alice's Mad Tea Party" production at Honeywood Museum in May 2015.  Since then it has taken on a life of its own with appearances at local libraries as part of Sutton's Imagine Festival.


In 2016 the Hedgehog Protest received a Cultural Award for outstanding contribution to the community.

all photos are copyright of Andrew hYLdOn, 2019
Registered Charity Number:  1179492
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