The SAVVY Podcast

In February, members from the SAVVY Young Company were given the opportunity to 'take over' 10 minutes of the Arts Emergency podcast.

The Tossio brothers leapt at the chance and had great fun interviewing, recording and editing their segment.  

The Musicians

by Patrick Marber

Performed by the SAVVY Young Company as part of the National Theatre's Connections Festival.


In typical SAVVY style, the Young Company performed the inaugural show in our brand new theatre building with hilarious support from the Adult Company ensemble. Audience members were frisked by customs, inspected by sniffer dogs and treated to an impromptu performance by Miss Moscow 2003 - all before the show even began!

Sushi Samurais


The SAVVY Young Company devised a brand new piece involving Samurais, Sumo Wrestlers and Sushi! 


As part of the process they worded with master puppeteer Roman Stefanski before unveiling their creation at the Secome Theatre as part of Action Replay's Superhero Show!

The Superhero Show


Flying eggs and bad ‘yolks’abounded as Dr.Omlette and his evil chickens tried to scramble their way to world domination!  But never fear, the annual Superhero of the Year Award took place and old rivalries thwarted his egg-cellent plans!


Written and directed by Alice Rayman and performed by an inclusive community cast at the Secombe Theatre on Monday, 20th June.

Woking Party In The Park


SAVVY Theatre Company had great fun in the Children's Zone, decorating Superhero masks and posing for photographs.
As well as an array of well-known superhero characters, the Evil Dr.Omlette and his chickens made an appearance, hosting races with the general public to answer the age-old question ... which came first - the chicken or the egg?

A Variety of Training Workshops

Throughout the year, SAVVY has been working with learning disabled groups, providing taster workshops in a variety of theatre-related skills.
From lighting, sound and backstage management, to hair, make-up, props and costume.  We've also learned about the importance of having front-of-house skills and providing information to audience members.
All of these skills will continue to develop on future SAVVY productions.

Library Training

We spent time working with staff from across Sutton's library services during the Autumn term, looking at de-escalation techniques and strategies when working with group of young people.
We also spoke about shoes!

National Citizen Service


This was the first year SAVVY has been involved with the NCS Challenge and what fun we had!  An amazing group of young people came and visited the new Take-2 Drama Group before sourcing materials and creating a wearable 'Kraken' puppet for our annual Christmas Pantomime with members of our Production Team.  The group also raised money for Take-2, which will go towards future costumes and other production items.

The Hidden Disabilities Project


The Hidden Disabilities Project focused on disabilities that are not necessarily obvious and how people with disabilities can often feel isolated and ‘hidden’.  In addition, it put a spotlight on ‘hidden’ and often unconscious discrimination that takes place with the regular use of offensive words still being used as part of the vernacular, particularly amongst young people.
Throughout the Autumn term, Year-12 pupils from Riddlesdown Collegiate worked with a learning disabled cast, devising a show based on the projects themes.  Their shared rehearsals culminated in two performances at the Arc Theatre on Friday, 2nd December to around 400 Year-8 pupils and in the presence of Croydon's Mayor.

Cheam Christmas Lights


So this year SAVVY switched on the Christmas Lights in Cheam Village, with Adult Company members from A Pirate Panto sword-fighting their way through the crowd in search of treasure!
Joyously fun - albeit rather chilly!

A Pirate Panto


Our annual Christmas Pantomime was all about Pirates this year.  A cast over 50 actors, made up from all of our ongoing groups, joined together for an evening of pirates and mermaids, krakens and creaky boats, epic quests and treasure chests.  Doors opened 30 minutes beforehand for audience members to interact with Winnypeg the Wench (who made them walk the plank) and the Innkeeper and his Wife who provided everyone with pre-show refreshments before they joined the Pirates at the Rats Pie Tavern where celebrations 'warrrrr' underway!

A Knightly Tale

For the fourth year running, SAVVY worked with pupils and staff from Wandle Valley school to create their annual Christmas production.  This year they re-invented the legend of Camelot, with a new twist in the plot, involving a jousting Guinevere, a hapless Arthur, a singing dragon and an army of zombie knights!
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