Romeo & Juliet at Honeywood


Shakespeare’s timeless love story like you've never experienced before as SAVVY Theatre’s award-winning acting ensemble took over Honeywood Museum during the May half-term for a unique sell-out event.  As the audience arrived they were treated to an array of preparations as Potpan, musicians and other servants escorted the guests through Capulet Manor.  News of the recent brawls and civil unrest was ever present and security was tight as the annual Masked Ball was taking place.   This production allowed the story to unfold throughout the house with live action, music and magical puppets.


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For the 4th year running the SAVVY Young Company took part in the National Theatre Connections Festival.  This year they were performing PRONOUN by Evan Placey.  After 2 performances at the Charles Cryer Studio Theatre, the group transferred to the Capitol Theatre, Horsham.
"Josh and Isabella are childhood sweethearts. They were meant to spend their gap year together, they were meant to be together forever. But Isabella has now become a boy. A love story about transition, testosterone, and James Dean."

The Keepsake Project


Throughout February & March SAVVY worked in partnership with Waverley Council, meeting older Milford residents and collecting their personal stories. An audio recording of their reminiscences was then developed.  


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Surrey Arts Theatre Masterclasses


SAVVY has been running mask and puppetry workshops in association with Surrey Arts.  So far our work has taken us throughout the county including working with young people from the Man In The Moon Theatre group in Guildford to students at the Orpheus Centre in Godstone.


500 Miles


"Come and meet Bernard as his daily routine is interrupted by the arrival of a letter.  A letter that has traveled 500 miles and back again. Suddenly the course of his life has a very different outlook. When I wake up, well I know I’m gonna be …"
Devised especially for their showcase at the Ivy Arts Centre as part of the Surrey Youth Drama Festival, the SAVVY Young Company then went on to perform at Guilfest.  Their new piece was been devised with full-face masks from Strangeface Theatre Company.

My Black & Deep Desires


"My Black & Deep Desires" was a Wandle Valley drama project, re-interpreting the themes of Shakespeare's MACBETH.
From the same opening, two versions have emerged.
Both as bloody. Both as mean. Both with power and with greed.
Pupils from the Senior and Junior drama groups performed their devised pieces at the Wandle Arts Day in July. 

The Great Train Robbery


The Action Replay group once again devised a brand new theatre piece, re-creating the Silent Film era live onstage.  
"All Aboard!  Come and join a collection of odd-ball characters as they journey on an old steam train. But beware! There’s mischief afoot as a band of robbers are determined to get their hands on the contents of that safe! Will the duchess get her jewels back? Will the lovers re-unite? Will anyone be able to grab the tea-lady’s buns? A melodramatic caper full of laughter, love and locomotion!"
After their success at the annual Strictly Stars event at the Secombe Theatre in May, they took their show to the theatre tent at Guilfest.

A Rubbish Lunch Break


Bill and Fred are knackered!  They’ve spent the morning sweeping and rubbish-picking Sutton High Street and are ready for a bite to eat.
But something strange has happened to Bill’s sandwiches and even the rubbish pile behind him has something to say about it!
A pop-up project for all ages using puppetry, comedy and movement to bring fun and imagination to a pile of rubbish! Performed by a cast of Equally Diverse actors, ‘A Rubbish Lunch Break’ was developed as part of Sutton's IMAGINE Festival.


Action Replay once again teamed up with SAVVY’s Young Company to bring you their annual Christmas show. 
When Arthur’s brother Lancelot is stolen by Morgan le Fay, Arthur is thrown into a journey full of farting knights, useless wizards, questionable princesses and Queen!
A fun, ‘get-involved’ show for all ages took place on Sunday, 30th November at the Secombe Theatre.

A Bit of Chinese Silliness

Featured as part of the Unite Festival, the SAVVY Acting Company created a wonderfully funny Chinese Farce.
A lost child, a forgetful nurse, a mountain of props and some strange goings-on with a gong!  This short play is NOT to be missed.
Oh, Oh, Oh! 

A Wandle Christmas Carol

Pupils and staff at Wandle Valley school once again performed side by side in their annual Christmas production.  As expected there were loads of laughter as the cast did their own wonderfully unique take on the traditional story.
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